The tradition of sending postcards at Christmas is nearly as old as the celebration of Christmas itself. Sending postcards may seem like a waste of time to some especially in today’s society when one can easily and instantly share one’s experiences with friends and family through the various social media, such as, Facebook and Instagram. However, there are many traditionalists in the society who prefer to adhere to this fast eroding practice in the digital age in which we live. In recent time the pleasure of sending postcards has become burdensome and time consuming because of the number of stamps that are required for international postage some destinations. On a recent visit to the post office it took me quite a while to complete placing a significant number of stamps on postcards. This was primarily because the post office either did not have stamps above $100 value or they were out of higher value stamps regardless of the reason we need to look into it. At this Yuletide time of year everyone knows or should know that there is likely to be an increase in the demand for stamps. The office of the Post Master General has the responsibility to ensure that post offices operate efficiently and as such this office needs to look into the possibility of adding higher value stamps if they are not already in circulation. This would reduce the number of stamps required to mail postcards overseas. Going to the post office should be a pleasant experience and those in authority should do all in their power to ensure this. The office of the Post Master General must be sensitive to the needs of the public and put measures in place to accommodate and ensure a satisfying visit to the post office for all members of the public. Maybe this is part of the reason the Jamaican postal service is losing its relevance in today’s society.