In 2007 the United Nations (UN) General Assembly proclaimed February 20 as World Day of Social Justice. In his message to mark the day Secretary General Ban Ki-moon stated “ The gap between the poorest and the wealthiest around the world is wide and growing….We must do more to empower individuals through decent work, support through social protection and ensure the voices of the poor and marginalized are heard”.

For the most part this day of global significance goes unobserved in Jamaica. However social justice is very important in the development of any society. Social justice embodies and promotes a society that is equitable by challenging injustices and creating a tolerance for diversity. 

World Day of Social Justice is set aside to focus on achieving poverty eradication, achieving full employment and social integration and human dignity.

There is a tendency for us not to get involved in issues of this nature since the belief is that others will look about this. However, we all have a part to play as citizens in creating a just society in which we can work and raise our families. We all should be the “watchdogs” of our democracy and ensure that our society is one in which all citizens’ rights are protected.

Wayne Campbell