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Have we done a poor job at protecting our oceans? Blogger Wayne Campbell thinks so – although it’s never too late and we must now do what we can to combat climate change and restore health to our marine and land environment (of course, it’s all connected). Here is Wayne’s article for World Oceans Day, published in the Jamaica Observer here:  Much, much food for thought! (And yes, Wayne – there are young environmental scientists and conservationists in Jamaica, working hard!)

The coastline in Hellshire, St. Catherine. (My photo) The coastline in Hellshire, St. Catherine. (My photo)

The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul. –Robert Wyland

It is quite sad that not much attention is paid to our oceans. I suspect there are many reasons for this; maybe it is because of a lack of political will or perhaps just the mystique surrounding the oceans. Today, June 8th, the…

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